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Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses – Step One is Get Your Domain Name

The first step to setting up your home based internet marketing businesses is to get your domain name. A domain name is the name of your website. I’m going to give you some tips on how to selecting a domain name, finding out if it is available and buying your first domain name.

Tips on Selecting a Domain Name

You want to choose a name that makes it easy for a person to know what your website is all about. Don’t select a name that doesn’t mean anything to the average person who sees it. Instead, choose names that are either benefit oriented or descriptive of what you are offering.

Another naming tip: use common words that people know and are easy to spell! Choose words that sound good and since the words in your domain name will all run together if they look good together too that is great. Avoid names that may be confusing, like they have too many of the same letters all in a row is good… “successsecrets” might not be a good choice. Make sense?

In general any single word or two word domain names will probably be taken already. Brainstorm about names and write a list of twenty or so ideas that you like. Focus on good descriptive names that are about three words.

For example if you are in the dog training niche your list might include


If you are in the credit repair niche, you might select


Is it Available?

One of the easiest ways to find out if a domain name is available is by using GoDaddy. Right on their homepage you can start searching for domain names by typing in the first name from your brainstorm list.

After you type in the name the screen will come back and tell you if that name is available or not. If it is, then you are ready to buy the name!

It is likely that your first choice, and maybe even your first several choices, will not be available. GoDaddy will give you some options on how to get that name but just click the back button and type in the next name on your list.

Buy the Name

Once you find the name you want to buy for your website you can buy the name. I do use GoDaddy to buy domains, but you can buy your domain elsewhere if you prefer. Companies that sell domain names are called domain name registrars.

When you buy your first domain name you will set up an account with the registrar. Make sure you write down any login information that either they provide or you make up. This is a great time to start a reference sheet with any login information you need for you home based internet marketing business.

Registration Length

People often want to know how long to buy the domain name. I suggest you start with just a single year. That will give you ample time to get your business going and see if the name is working for you. You can always renew the name later. There is just no need to pay for more than one year at this point.

You have now completed the first step that all home based internet marketing businesses have to go through, with these simple steps you have now bought your first domain name!

Suggestions to Consider Before Getting Your Domain-Name

When you are putting up a business or an organization, it would help if you will also set up a website to market your products and services in the internet. Today, people who have the power to purchase are those who are mostly wired through the internet. So, make sure they can find you by acquiring a catchy domain name.

Paying for a domain name and getting it on the internet can be done simply in no time. What takes a lot of time and effort is in choosing the right domain name for your company. For some, they might feel that the names they are considering might be simple. However, when they try to enrol the names, these were already taken. Lately, domain-names are found to be lengthier.

We recommend that you take time in considering the following suggestions before getting your domain-name.

1. Don’t make it hard for your clients to guess your domain-name. Choose a name that is uniquely related to your company and easy to memorize. Get in touch with your artistic qualities.

2. The extension “.com” is for businesses, while “.edu” are for education institutions. Choose the extension that fits your organization. We do not want our clients typing the wrong extension.

3. Use simple spelling. Do not try to stand out by using unusual spelling. It would be hard on these people to locate your website if they just heard about your company from conversation or on ads from television or radio.

4. Roman numerals are rarely used these days. Do not attempt to use them today in setting up a domain name for the same reasons you should keep spelling simple.

5. Since it is easier to remember shorter names, come up with a brief domain name.

6. Stay away from using symbols such as hyphens. When giving out your website, it would be difficult to say the domain name without committing a mistake.